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Roberto Salomone è un professionista originario di Cuneo che ha mantenuto quei profondi valori Piemontesi che hanno l'intelligenza di guardare al futuro e adattarsi, con elasticità, al mondo in continuo cambiamento. Appassionato della Valle Maira, sito Unesco, da cui la sua famiglia trae le sue origini, usa le sue capacità imprenditoriali per creare sviluppo e lavoro per gli uomini d'affari e le giovani generazioni, con uno sguardo rivolto verso la vicina Costa Azzurra e oltre le Alpi. Il suo studio di Dottore Commercialista si trova in pieno centro città, dove da anni col socio dott. Agnese segue i clienti non solo in Piemonte ma anche in tutt'Italia e all'estero. La cura e l'attenzione che pone nel suo lavoro, fa sentire il cliente sicuro e la sua professionalità e conoscenza del settore e delle dinamiche italiane, lo rendono capace di districarsi con certezza e profonda onestà nel dedalo di leggi in continua modifica e aggiornamento, tipiche dello Stato di diritto Italiano. Roberto Salomone is a professional originally from Cuneo who has maintained those deep Piedmontese values ​​that have the intelligence to look to the future and adapt, with elasticity, to the constantly changing world. Passionate about the Maira Valley, Unesco site, from which his family draws its origins, uses his entrepreneurial skills to create development and work for businessmen and the younger generations, with a look towards the nearby French Riviera and beyond the Alps. His firm of Chartered Accountant is located in the city center, where for years with his partner dr. Agnese follows their customers not only in Piedmont but also throughout Italy and abroad. The care and attention he places in his work, makes the customer feel safe and his professionalism and knowledge of the sector and of Italian dynamics, make him able to extricate himself with certainty and deep honesty in the maze of laws that are constantly changing and updated, typical of the Italian rule of law.

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Carolina enjoyed a carefree childhood in the Piemonte countryside. With many cousins and friends, the passion for culture was instilled from an early age. Surrounded by beauty and art in the family mansion Cimena, expertly curated by grandmother Carolina. On the paternal side of the family, her Venetian grandmother was equally influential. While traveling far and wide, Carolina feels most at home, in Venice. Schooled in Italy and the United States, lived in provinces throughout the length of Italy, Carolina considers herself truly Italian, with an international vision. "My country is rich in heritage, but poor in the pocket to keep it so. It saddens me to see so many buildings in a state of disrepair." She had honed the skills of renovation and interiors of historic buildings since 1987. Learning by trial and error, spurned on by failure and success, Carolina has grown and prospered. Now is the time to give back. Helping artisans of all disciplines to find work and ply their trade with pride. Matching projects to professionals and vice versa. "As Heritage Doyenne, my contribution to this initiative, is to encourage the participation of Heritage Ambassadors. This worthy cause is another avenue, to take our past into the future!"

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A product of South Africa, vintage ’63. On the ‘Net since 1982. Roaming the world since 1986. Jack of all trades, master of none. Techie, pilot, digital nomad. Can travel~live~work~anywhere.

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